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With this project, my aim is to convey human emotions with the metaphorical meanings of the word of "eğreti", which is used to describe things in  not well established, and actually reclassify the eğreti as a feeling.  We can feel the eğretiness of ourselves, we can feel the eğretiness of the people, and we can even feel the eğretiness of cities especially if we live in a distorted metropolis like Istanbul. We are exposed to the eğreti, we hide the eğreti, we hide them, we disgrace them. In some of my sculptures I showed where we hid this eğreti, in some I exhibited the eğreti ones and in others I just conveyed the eğreti feelings of the events I was exposed to.


1. adjective: which will be removed after a certain period of time, temporary, temporary:

"It looked like he had been brought there pretentiously for that day." - Attila ilhan


2. adjective: which is not well established and has not found its place:

"The guest woman's stillness was from the uneasiness at home, her posture was eğreti as if she was sitting on a pin." - Burhan Gunel


3. Nicknames:

eğreti tooth. The eğreti leg.


4. adjective: which is vague.


5. adjective: which is incompatible, unbecoming.


6. Envelope not well placed, not located:

"Their feet are on land, but they stand improperly on the quay stones." - Zeyyat Selimoğlu


7. envelope: which is cursory, without taking it seriously: "You have been making every work out of it, you have kept every job at its ends." - Samiha Ayverdi



Tdk Current Turkish Dictionary.



The point reached by concealing, ignoring or, on the contrary, by favorising, in other words, by disaggregating the situation, object or person that is thought to be a eğreti between us, is the eğreti.

Cabinet , 2018. Metal / Plaster / Mixed Media, h33 cm x w24 cm x d37 cm.

Drawer, 2018. Metal / Wood / Mixed Media, h21 cm x w44 cm x d45 cm.

Shelf, 2018. Metal / Plaster / Mixed Media, h42 cm x w47 cm x d25 cm.

Clock , 2018. Metal / Plaster / Mixed Media, h61 cm x w31 cm x d10 cm.

Window, 2018. Mixed Media, 69 cm x 49 cm.

Postmodern, 2018. Mixed Media, h35 cm x w50 cm x d6 cm.

Chest, 2018. Mixed Media, h51 cm x w71 cm x d10 cm.

Home, 2018. Mixed Media, h50 cm x w70 cm x d11 cm.

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