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I was born in 1997 in the city of Manisa, Turkey. I started my art education at Osmangazi University in the Department of Visual Communication Design and continued from 2017 to 2021 in the Department of Sculpture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree in the Department of Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. Additionally, I continue my work at Atelier Kunstbeek in Brussels and participate in various exhibitions in Belgium and Turkey.

Artist Statement

First of all, I see the shapes and images I create as a communication tool like language. Just as a word has meanings that occur in more than one context and are expressed in word wholes, that is, in sentences; he sees elements such as form and material that I use in my works as words; I also characterize the forms formed by these as sentences. No matter what subject I deal with, I construct meaning by approaching it from different angles and avoid certain judgments by asking contradictory questions. Thus, by obtaining an ambiguous result, I invite the audience to ask multi-faceted questions.

I usually get my topics by combining the discussions of the 21st century scientific and philosophical environment with the turning points in my own life story or the perspectives I have gained from my experiences. Taking advantage of the possibilities of being an artist, I express questions and perspectives that require courage to ask or say. I aim to find a more pleasant way of conversation by adding a little humor to the topics and inviting them to think and ask questions.

I try to explain the subjects I deal with mostly in the language of sculpture, but sometimes through photography, drawing or video. Although metal is the main material in my works, I always add new materials and benefit from the meaning possibilities they add. I also benefit from additional questions and perspectives provided by the movement in my kinetic studies.

Solo Exhibitions

2021, “Labyrinth”, Kırkmerdiven, Karataş, İzmir
2020, “w1n.ju”, Abandoned House, Güzelyalı, İzmir

Group Exhibitions

2023, "Fragilité", Le Botanique, Brussels
2023, "E pluribus unum", l'Imprimerie & ArBA-EsA, Brussels
2022, "Prix Tremplin", BeCraft Gallery, Mons
2022, "Exhibition Atelier Terre du Jardin aux Fleurs", Brussels
2022, “Apocalypse Celebration”, Boulevard Adolphe Max 26, Brussels

2022, "De Passage", Eleven Steens, Brussels
2022, “and then, when I sleep, without language of night, I do not realize”, See U, Ixelles, Brussels
2021, “Expo/Marché”, Garage, Annessennes, Brussels

2022, "Rotation", Daragac, Izmir
2021, "70 artists 100 women", UNIQ Expo, Istanbul
2021, “Art.Ist.Sauna”, UNIQ Expo, Istanbul
2021, “Bazaart 10th Anniversary Exhibition”, Ferda Art Platform, Şişli, Istanbul
2020,  “Balconnection Project Exhibition”, Space for Culture, Alsancak and Selçuk, İzmir
2019, “I ME CE Exhibition”, Hub Istanbul, Sisli, Istanbul
2019, “Comma Group Exhibition”, COMMA, Şişli, Istanbul
2019, “Art & Sound Exhibition, Pixie Underground”, TomTom, Beyoğlu, Istanbul
2019, “PatPat 6 Sculpture Department Exhibition, MSGSU”, Istanbul
2019, “5. Erdemir Steel and Life Sculpture  Competition Exhibition”, Tophane-i Amire Culture and Art Center, Topahne, Istanbul
2019, “11. Terrace Exhibition”, Elgiz Museum, Maslak, Istanbul
2019, “METALIST Bulent Çınar Workshop Sculpture Exhibition”, Ziraat Bank Tünel Art Gallery, Taksim, Istanbul
2019, “Ulus Lions Club Sculpture Competition Exhibition”, MSGSÜ, Istanbul
2019, “9. Bazaart Exhibition”, The St. Regis Hotel, Nisantasi, Istanbul
2019, “Art Blend Sculpture Exhibition”, Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel, Çırağan, Istanbul
2018, “Ipek-Ahmet Merey Sculpture Competition Exhibition”, MSGSÜ, Istanbul
2018, “Frequency Exhibition”, Grand Pera, Taksim, Istanbul
2018, “Ulus Lions Club Sculpture Competition Exhibition”, MSGSÜ, Istanbul
2017, “Ipek-Ahmet Merey Sculpture Competition Exhibition”, MSGSÜ, Istanbul

Residence Programs

2019, “I ME CE”, Hub Istanbul, Sisli, Istanbul

Awards, Grants

2018-2022, Turkish Education Foundation, Outstanding Achievement, Artist Fellowship.
2019, “5. Erdemir Steel and Life Sculpture Competition” – Erdemir Special Award

2018, “Ulus Lions Club Sculpture Competition” – First Prize

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