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Eti Kemik Geçe

This series is titled “Eti Kemik Geçe”, a title which, in the Turkish language, an expression for indicating the time by replacing the hour with the flesh and the minutes with the bones. In English, this would give approximately “It’s flesh past bones” - an expression that therefore juggles with the notions of organic matter, life, time and passage.

In this project, I started with the concepts of time and entropy, mostly composed of sculptures; It is the visual expression of a series of struggles, passes in "Non-place", arising from the struggle of time and beings to maintain motion when the end of entropy is reached. Throughout the series, I have expressed the concept of time through clocks (more precisely, the hour and minute hands), which I consider to be the simplest form of expression, because my aim was to change the way we perceive time rather than express it.

​ Although we perceive time as a flowing river, in fact, time is a phenomenon consisting of moment fragments and advancing endlessly in all directions. My aim was to seek an answer to the question of how we could obtain time in a universe where there is no movement of large celestial bodies that determine the time when these moment parts come together. It is a little difficult for us small creatures to have the power to freeze the planets they live on yet. So I had to focus on small movements, such as the daily movements of living things. So everyone would create their own time so existance.