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Windows, Privacy, Peeping

2019 - Ongoing

These holes in the walls that limit the private space intrigue our curiosity; that is, it brings with it the desire to know what is beyond the borders. The desire to know and see what the others is doing, to establish some kind of egoic domination by knowing something more about others. The peeking which is a double-sided action from inside and outside, is sometimes a threat and sometimes that leads to an erotic wish.

This peeking affects also our mood in the city. For example, when we pass in front of a house with an open window, we wonder inside, but we cannot help thinking that we will become voyeurs if we look. We experience this also as we watch ourselves in the shop window. Or even opening the curtain in the house sometimes causes a change in behavior, because the neighbor on the opposite window may have opened the curtains and a mutual peek begins...

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